Empowerment Through Employment

Job Seekers

Exclusive Tools & Resources

JobsPlus! provides access to exclusive tools to empower our job seekers to discover meaningful work and achieve self-sufficiency.


Information & Resources
Discover how JobsPlus! assists employment partners with leads, candidate-screening and employee supports.


Hands-on Support

Help jobseekers build their resume while receiving hands-on support from screened work assistants.


Empowerment Through Employment

JobsPlus! inspires our jobseekers to gain the freedom and power to become who they want to be as they discover self-sufficiency through the work they are paid to do.

JobsPlus! assists Onondaga County residents that utilize Temporary Assistance find employment. It is the mission of JobsPlus! to focus everything that is said and done in the Temporary Assistance system on helping people find and keep employment. This begins the moment individuals first apply for temporary assistance and continues until all who are able have achieved economic independence.  JobsPlus! will provide more opportunity for participants in this endeavor by enhancing and increasing their responsibility for their own success.

JobsPlus! opened a lot of doors by allowing me to come to Onondaga Community College and then having them work hand-in-hand means that I can focus on my grade point average…or gaining skills that are required for employment.

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